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A close friend who needs a tool to reduce his record collection size converted me to part-time lossless audio. His collection has grown out of control over the years (way more than 2,500 CDs), and he’s never been able to find the time to properly organize and catalog everything. He relies on Tidal, Napster, LimeWire, and Search and Rescue now. Luckily, I’m still very fortunate to have a couple hundred CDs that are untouched. I can’t get those music cravings satisfied by Naxos or Equinox (both of which are wonderful record companies, by the way). I’m not looking for a recording studio here, I’m just looking for something onerous to do and something meaningful to my collection. I don’t really care about digital video anymore (although I still have a Mac). I have a nice collection of CDs (200+) that I’d like to combine into one well-organized cataloging structure and send to my friend. Hopefully what you’ll find from this article is a set of guidelines that can help you tame your record collection a bit. I have a method that I use to cull the collection (if I find a CD I really like) that I’d like to share with you. Step 1: Put CDs in the Trunk, Passenger Seats The trunk of my Honda Civic is about as big as my record collection (for good reason). I like to just park in my driveway, sit in the driver seat, and let the CD spindles of my plastic CD-Roms fall through the floor of the car and into the trunk. This way, I don’t have to stop and hunt for CDs all over the car. It makes my car resemble a streaming service since my trunk is constantly stuffed. I plan on packing an entire CD collection into my trunk in the near future, so when a new CD-Roms come in the mail, I just run over to the Civic and drop those CDs into the trunk, ASAP. Sometimes, I find CDs in my car that I don’t really care about. I’ve been looking for a smoking CD-Roms lately so I can build my own library, and I finally found some in the passenger seat. I didn’t really want to stop and dig for them, so I just put those CDs in the trunk and leave them there.

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